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    Welcome to our featured articles section. In this section you will find some of our most comprehensive and informative articles written, covering some of the most important aspects of International Dating, Foreign Women, and Global Dating. Unlike blog posts these are more comprehensive, and lengthy articles that cover specific yet important topics in the world of dating foreign women.

    Introduction To International Dating

    What is International Dating? What does it mean for the modern man? How difficult is it to take part in this new revolutionary way to meet amazing women from across the globe? Get the inside scoop in this featured article.

    Introduction To Foreign Women

    A Basic Guide To Understanding Foreign Women. This article explains why foreign women are different and why for many men, they make a better choice. Want to know more about foreign women? Read this. Pictures and videos are included in this article.

    Russian Mail Order Brides

    The Soviet Union may be a thing of past but Russian women are what’s in today. The days of South East Asia domination the mail order bride industry are over. Find out why Russia is the new hot spot for international dating and mail order brides.

    Guide to Using Cell Phones Abroad

    A cell phone will be your key communication tool when your traveling abroad. From calling a cab, to keeping in touch with foreign women, when your traveling abroad, it’s going to be very important to have a cell phone that works locally, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

    Asia: Paradise For Men – Nightmare For Women

    When western women travel to places like Thailand they encounter a rude awakening. It’s much like when my Brazilian friend Mauricio came to Newark NJ from Brazil. He wasn’t super man anymore, now he was Clark Kent and he hated it. He lost all of his power. What was so easy back home – hooking up with Brazilian hotties – became the most difficult thing in the world in New Jersey. Read on…