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    Introduction To Foreign Women


    Why Are Foreign Women Better?

    I call it the global dating revolution because as with any revolution, the ones who are revolting have had enough. Modern western men from countries like the United States, Canada, England and Australia have grown tired of having few options to date attractive, feminine women. They’ve grown tired of being treated unfairly, not being respected, not being appreciated, and being taken advantage of. This isn’t to say that some of these things couldn’t happen with foreign women or in foreign countries, but the painful truth of the matter is that any modern western man has much better chances of finding a foreign girl who will not only be physically more attractive then anything he could have found locally, but also will treat him better, appreciate him, support him, respect him, and so on and so forth.

    Thousands of men, from all walks of life, from blue collar workers to successful doctors, to the very wealthy are starting to look beyond borders, and are increasingly finding that this path is a better alternative. This growing movement of men is snowballing and turning into more then just a movement, but a revolution.

    Foreign women often posses many qualities that many men find lacking in their local dating pool. Ladies from Eastern Europe, Latin America and South East Asia are more often then not, classy, cultured, hold traditional values, hardworking, caring, appreciative, understanding, feminine, and not so materialistic. They know how to cook delicious meals for their families and their men.

    Hear what others are saying about foreign girls:

    Since I’ve been traveling overseas I have met many nice Japanese, Russian, and Spanish girls. I can tell you this… they’re so much better. I want a lady that, when I get home from work, would rather kiss me than scream at me for some trivial reason like I didn’t mow the lawn. I can do without the nagging thanks. To all my fellow American men… American feminists are easily replaceable… Go Asian, or Russian, even European (except British, Italian, and French women) and you can’t go wrong. Experience is the best teacher.

    I can not date white American women anymore. I was in the navy and I have seen the light. Women from other countries just look better and treat you better too! I didn’t pay for shit when I was overseas and I pay up the wazoo here. Any rational person can figure it out from here.

    American women are high-maintenance primadonnas with attitudes. I’d take a foreign born Russian or Latina woman any day. They are much nicer and normally MUCH SMARTER than most American women – plus they don’t watch Rosie and Ricci Lake – they go to the library or perform outside activities.

    Foreign women have often gotten a bad wrap with the media. Just as the Western men from the most developed nations who travel to foreign countries to meet them. A term often associated with foreign women is a term called mail order brides, which often has a bad connotation, and brings up a lot of negative images which were perpetuated by overhyped media stories.

    Some of the most beautiful, feminine, friendly, and caring foreign women are located in the regions of Latin America, Eastern Europe, and South East Asia. Particularly countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Venezuela, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. All of these countries are filled with a young generation of elligable foreign ladies who sometimes have a tough time finding good men for dating, and even marrying.

    Generally speaking (although there are exceptions), all foreign girls tend to have a few things in common:

    • They are more appreciative, more honest, and low maintenance.
    • They have a more old fashioned culture, with more family values
    • They take care of themselves, they eat better, go to the gym, and have trimmer, sexier figures
    • They are more numerous in foreign countries where there have been population booms within the past three decades
    • They tend to spend more time single, because of the lack of suitable foreign guys to date

    Over the years, through traveling and interaction with foreign women I’ve realized that there are many differences in the way they act, think, and carry themselves. Foreign women aren’t as guarded, they’re more friendly for the most part, are more prone to be family oriented.

    American Women Vs. Foreign Women

    Foreign Women vs American Women

    Over the years, through traveling and interaction with foreign girls I’ve realized that there are many differences in the way they act, think, and carry themselves. They aren’t as guarded, they’re more friendly for the most part, are more prone to be family oriented. In this article and video I list some of the differences I’ve noticed about foreign women.

    Is there really a difference between the women of most advanced and economically developed nations (Australia, U.S, Canada, Western Europe – I’ll refer to all of these women as “American women” for the sake of clarity within this article) and those of the developing nations (Latin America, Eastern Europe, South East Asia – I’ll refer to all of these women as “foreign women” throughout this article)? I firmly believe, as many other men do, that there are some deep rooted differences.

    In many respects these foreign women are giving American women a run for their money. Many men are flocking to marriage agencies, international dating sites, and embarking on trips to foreign lands in search of romance with these foreign women. Marriage between foreign women and American men is at an all time high, and growing each year.

    So what makes these foreign women so different from American ones?

    #1. Foreign women tend to have more traditional, old fashioned values. The type of values that many American women had back in the early and mid 1900’s. In many ways, these old fashioned values have been lost with American women. Much of this is due to the women’s liberation movement. Although this movement brought about many positive changes for women, it also sacrificed many of the old fashioned, family oriented, values and placed women’s primary focus not on the family, but on their career. Foreign women tend to put their family first, before anything else, even their careers. In a sense many of these foreign women are not unlike the grand mothers and great grand mothers of the current generation of American women.

    #2. They’re tend to stay in shape much more then they’re American counterparts. There is no doubt that the wealthiest countries are suffering from an obesity epidemic. Many studies have shown that women more prone to gain weight then men. In the United States for example, women are more more prone to be obese even at young ages. This is not only a health issue, but it robes these women of their feminine curves. Foreign women don’t have this problem. They maintain their feminine curves even into their 30’s and 40’s.

    #3. They treat men better then American women. One small example is the fact that many foreign women love to cook for their man. It’s not uncommon to find women that love to cook not only for their partner, but for their entire family. Foreign women don’t see these types of acts as burdens, or forms of submissiveness. On the contrary, they see these types of acts as privileges, and it solidifies their roles within the relationship (and family) as a nurturing and caring figure.

    #4. They’re less materialistic. They have grown up in less developed countries not fallen prey to the consumer-driven mindset many American women (and men) have been indoctrinated into. They’ve learned to get by on much less. They’ve probably sacrificed material things throughout their life, and they’ve learned to cherish and care for the things that really matter. In this way, foreign women are much easier to please when it comes to materiel wealth. On the other hand, many men find it hard to please American women who have become accustomed to a certain level of material wealth.

    #5. Foreign women love North American, and Western European men. Just as foreign girls treat men better then American women. American men treat foreign women better then their local men. Many of these girls have to deal with men who don’t appreciate them, cheat on them, and an environment that favors men in many ways. American men are a much welcomed change for them, because Western men treat them better on many levels. It this sense it’s a match made in heaven because both parties treat each other better then what they are accustomed to.

    #6. They’re are more open to dating older men. It’s not that uncommon for foreign girls to date much older men within their own culture. My mother was 10 years younger then my father. I’ve known foreign couples where the man was 20 years older then woman. The popular Mexican artist wrote a song title “40 and 20” (40 y 20 by Jose Jose). It was a love song about a 40 year old man who was dating a 20 year old woman, you can find it on youtube.

    With the advent of the Internet, it’s getting much easier for American men to meet and correspond with ladies from other countries and cultures. They have never been more accessible then they are today and for many American men, like myself, they have become the better option. This is not to say there aren’t ladies in the United States or Western Europe who have all of these qualities. There are many good, old fashioned women, who take care of themselves here as well, but I’ve found that all of the these women are already committed and taken.

    So there you have it. These are some of the main reasons why dating ladies from other countries and cultures is a better option. There are many other benefits and reasons to take this path, all of which you can find in various parts of this website.

    User Comments: What Others Are Saying?

    If only I would’ve known that Women who look good really do exist in the real world. The only place I see Quality Women here in America is in magazines…

    The girls from the regions you mentioned are really nice and fit better in the female role than our American girls. This is why men feel more attracted to them than to the typical Western gal. Unfortunately the cute and nice lady from out there will soon pick up the lesson of our society and will become an American gal speaking with foreign accent, reflecting our strong feminist culture. If you want to keep her the way she is, move “out there”, or settle down for an feminit, American gal…

    So true! Women here are all getting attitudes and expect the world to revolve around them. I would like a relationship where I can recieve similar treatment to what I give, not a one sided money dumping that gets you sex once in awhile

    im an asian and maybe this have a point, but foreign woman are actually looking for a beter man thats why they prefer american man, i think it is the same with the man.. we want a balance relation but our countries are unfair to us.. in america they favor woman and in here in my country they favor the man, so what to do, look for a foreign people that can be way better…

    As an American, I’ve had experience with ladies from Asia. I agree, they are friendlier, more educated & less bitchy. Here in the USA I have been through so much drama & unnecessary B.S. It’s like they’re so whinny, manipulative & when the money runs out they leave. I’m sticking to foreign women. They will be a better choice for a wife & being the future mother of my children.

    Foreign Men Know That They Are At A Disadvantage In Dating Women Once They Are In These Countries Like USA,Canada,England Etc’. On The Flipside Cuz Of “Feminism/Womens Lib”,Men Bashing From Women,Laws That Favors The Females-Then Once Women From Abroad Sees These Advantages-Then Its “Hard” 4 Them To Want To “Leave” These Nations Once They See That They’re Holding The Cards!!

    If, as Ameriskanks say, foreign women only want American men for a green card, what do American females want us for? Our sparkling personalities? Nah…cold hard cash! Hey, lets be honest here for a moment. If divorce is GOING to happen no matter what, do you want it to be with a fat shrill American pig skank, or a hot young foreign chick? Like the jokes goes, if marriage to a foreign woman is “paying for a slave”, then marriage to an American female is paying to BE a slave! ‘Nuff said!

    Excellent video ! I am a American single man who now only dates Moldavian / Romanian and Ukrainian women because of the garbage American women we have as men to date in the U.S I like the best Romanian women for the Intelligents old world culture of care for family and husbands and Romanian women are always beautiful and dressed well .
    speaking of Romanian Moldavian , Ukrainian women thay are also very well edgucated in keeping their men happy with sex unlike American women you must pay 4 sex

    United States is a playground for women not for men, Average men cannot get the attention of average women much less have sex with them. Here in America it seems that 80% & of the women who are attractive and available are having sex with 20% of the men these 20% are the Marine Macho bad boys, gangstas and thugs. So that leaves 80% of all the other good men out of the equation.

    Don’t misunderstand I love white American women but they only want “TO HAVE FUN” their words, not mine. The older chicks who do want real relationships can’t compete with young/tight beauty. Too bad they didn’t concentrate their efforts on creating a meaningful relationship while they were young instead of “having fun”. Another reason? I can’t trust American women as lifelong partners. The divorce rate is astronomically high and I don’t have a single friend who has married an American women and stayed married.

    Thanks for this. It has helped me to fully understand why I`m juggling six AW right now but won`t commit to any of them. They seem to be preoccupied with their lives and everything in it while the guy winds up taking a back seat. They say they want a meaningful relationship but when I offer it they BALK. So I end up settling for fucking their brains out instead. Obviously this has happened six times. So I have chosen to turn their feminism upside down and fuck them with it instead.

    I’ve lived in America my whole life, but its very hard to have an intelligent conversation with them. All they know is Britnney spears and shit like that

    This is so true. Being a foreign woman myself, we are not so sloppy, like American women. We respect ourselves more and don’t go flashing our body parts over the internet. I could go on but I’ll spare you.

    American/americanized women cheat with assholes because they have the freedom to get away with it. They justify reasons (no matter how illogical) why the man is the one @ fault. Foreign women would be killed or punished severely for this kind of act in other places. These sluts will have a train run on them the night b4 and kiss you on the lips the next day and smile in your face…sickening.

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