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  • Brazilian Women In The USA

    Posted on October 8th, 2010 Dan DeLa Cruz No comments

    After spending the first 7 months of 2010 in Colombia, I decided I’m now headed to Brazil, but I have to take care of some things back in Jersey for a few months before I can head out. So the plan was to come back here and hit Newark hard and try to meet as many Brazilian girls as possible. Newark has the largest population of Brazilians outside of Brazil anywhere in the world. It’s the largest Brazilian community numbering in the tens of thousands. Newark is also home to many many many sexy Brazilian women, which is why it’s become my number one hang out.

    Why Date Brazilian Women In The USA?
    My reason for dating ONLY Brazilian women since I’ve been back is mainly because I only date foreign women now, even when I’m back in the United States. Since I’m going to Brazil, Brazilian women are the perfect choice in foreign women. I love Brazilian women, and an added bonus is that I get to practice my Portuguese with them before I get to Brazil. So I’ve focused on meeting Brazilian women who don’t have much time in the country. It’s not easy to find these diamonds in the rough, but it’s not impossible either, especially in Newark.

    Even though Newark NJ gives you a small taste of Brazil it doesn’t compare to being in Brazil. There are setbacks to being in the U.S. even if your in the largest community of Brazilians in the world. For one, a lot of the Brazilian girls you’ll meet are Americanized. I personally shy away from Brazilian girls who are too Americanized. Even though it’s the next best thing to 100% Americanized woman, why settle for them, when you can find Brazilian girls who have only been here a couple of years and still have that foreign flare to them?

    The second obstacle is the ratios. As I pointed out in my book “The Global Dating Revolution” one of the worst problems for men in the U.S. is the ratio problems. Otherwise known as Sausage fests. Newark NJ is no stranger to these sausage fiestas. A lot of times you’ll go out and even though you’ll see a lot of smoking hot Brazilian women, there will be a lot more dudes and male competition. However don’t fret. If you’re looking to zero in on those diamonds in the rough, one excellent tip is to learn Portuguese. Since these girls don’t have a lot of time here, they probably don’t know much if any English, which means that if you know Portuguese, you’ll have the upper hand over all those guys who don’t, even during a sausage fest. I know, I know learning Spanish or Portuguese is tough, but if want to set yourself apart, you’ll have to do it, especially if you want to get those girls that don’t have much time here, which happen to be the best catches.

    So if Newark doesn’t compare to Brazil then why bother with it?
    Because it’s the next best thing to being in Brazil even with all the negatives. Brazilian women who’ve lived in Brazil (like other Latin countries) have had to compete heavily with other women on their looks and femininity back in their countries, so they’re use to keeping themselves in shape, looking good, and acting feminine and they bring this attitude with them to the U.S.A. Since the Brazilian community in Newark is 1st generation immigrants for the most part, it means a lot of the Brazilian culture is retained in the women (at least for the near future). Even though I’ve seen some Brazilian women let themselves go and gain weight, the obesity rate among Brazilian women in Newark is probably very low compared to obesity rates anywhere in the country. This means you’ll see a lot of very attractive women in Newark.

    Where can you meet Brazilian women in the U.S.A?
    So if you want to meet Brazilian women in the U.S.A you have to go to places like Newark NJ, also known as sanctuary cities. Places that have very high percentage of immigrants from various other countries, not just Brazil. The biggest concentrations of Brazilians in the USA live in the Greater Areas of Boston (In Massachusetts Framingham, Boston, Cambridge, Everett and Malden have a lot of Brazilians), New York City, Miami, and New Jersey (Especially Newark), while the smaller concentrations are in different cities of Connecticut, California, and Washington.

    Check out this video of a Brazilian beauty pageant in Newark:

    If you happen to be in Newark NJ, here’s a small map of a few places you can check out for Brazilian food and drinks. My recommendation is to check out Adega bar, which always has top notch model caliber bartenders, all Brazilian of course. As time goes on I’ll update the map with some of the more “underground” Brazilian bars and hang outs in the area.

    View Newark – Brazilian Women Map in a larger map

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