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  • How Much Does It Cost To Live In Brazil?

    Posted on April 21st, 2010 Dan DeLa Cruz 1 comment

    A taxi driver in Rio de Janeiro Brazil shows a U.S. dollar bill and four Brazilian coins worth 1.70 realsCosts of living depends on various factors. First of all, as a foreigner one of the most important factors is the exchange rate between the currency you hold vs. the currency where you plan to go. Next comes location. If you live a small and medium size city the costs will be lower then living in one of Brazil’s mega cities like Sao Paulo and Rio. But location also matters within a particular city. You’ll spend more living in the high class part of town, then in the middle class, and you’ll spend even less living in the poorer parts of town, although this isn’t recommended because of safety issues. The final aspect of cost comes down to lifestyle. If you’re willing to live modestly you won’t spend much. However, if you want to ball in the city of Rio you’ll need a nice chunk of change.

    How To Make Brazil Affordable, Even Cheap:

    For those who are looking to take advantage or the lower cost of living in Brazil obtain a comfortable lifestyle for a lower cost, it can definitely be done. Like I mentioned above, you’ll want to rent an apartment in a middle class part of town. Don’t rent in the fanciest part of town. If you’re staying long term, don’t rent a furnished apartment. Rent an unfurnished apartment and get in the news papers and buy some used furniture found through the adds in the paper. Take public transportation and don’t rely too much on taxis. Don’t eat out at all or very little, instead shop for your groceries and cook your own food. If you live in one of Brazil’s smaller or medium size cities the cost for rent, utilities, cell phone, internet, transportation, food, health insurance, medical costs, clothes, haircuts, gym and miscellaneous expenses could range anywhere from $2,500 dollars to $4,000 per month. You can increase these costs by 50% if you move to the larger more expensive cities in Brazil.

    Here’s a sample budget to show you how much you would spend per month in a small, medium size city with a comfortable lifestyle, taking some taxis, going out on weekends, having internet at home, etc.:

    Average Cost Per/Month To Live In Brazil:  
    Updated: April 21, 2010  
    ITEM Reais US$ =
    ——– ——– ——
    One US Dollar equals: 1.75
    Apartment Rent 1500 856.65
    Apt Fees: 500 285.55
    Electricity 150 85.67
    Drinking water 15 8.57
    Propane gas 30 17.13
    Telephone 150 85.67
    ISP & High Speed Internet Connection 140 79.95
    Cable Television 85 48.54
    Transportation – bus and taxi 200 114.22
    Travel to the U.S. once a year 250 142.78
    Food 450 257.00
    Health Insurance 300 171.33
    Prescription medicine 300 171.33
    Gifts 100 57.11
    Clothes 45 25.70
    Haircuts, manicures, etc. 100 57.11
    Dentist 100 57.11
    Gym (Academia Ginastica) 80 45.69
    Misc, Bars, Clubs 600 342.66
      5095 Reais $2909.77 Dollars

    The Expensive Side of Brazil

    Brazil use to be a lot cheaper because Brazil’s currency the “Real” was a lot weaker a decade ago. Since then, Brazil’s currency has appreciated greatly against the dollar and modestly against other currencies. For this reason, the cost of living in Brazil has increased greatly for foreigners who rely on currency differences to get great bargains. If you’re the type of person that only likes to take taxis, or wants to by a car, live in a fancy apartment, eat out often, and treat yourself lavishly in Brazil’s most well known cities you’ll find that the costs add up. Although you might save some money compared to say, the same lifestyle in New York, places like Rio and Sao Paolo wouldn’t fall to far behind on cost.

    So How Much Does It Cost?

    Although Brazil is not as cheap as it was, say 10 years ago, there are still various ways to live comfortably at a lower cost then most places in North America. However, it all depends on location and lifestyle. If you want a penthouse in the best part of Rio, and give yourself a lavish lifestyle, you could end up spending big bucks. By applying a more modest lifestyle you can end up living comfortably in Brazil at a very affordable cost.

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      • If I went to retire in Brazil what would be the very best medical insurance available for me to get as i am 65 years old now and it would suit me better to be near a hosiptal.
        I plan to live in Guarapari- Espirto Santo.
        Thank you

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