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  • Why Are Brazilian Women So Hot?

    Posted on April 16th, 2009 Dan DeLa Cruz 45 comments

    Why Are Brazilian Women So Hot?

    Brazil Hottie Possing On Couch

    It’s common knowledge among men the world over, that Brazilian women rank among the hottest on the planet.

    But the REAL question is WHY?

    How To Make A Country Full Of Hot Babes In Only Two Centuries: A Short History of Hotness in Brazil

    Beautiful Brazilian Girl With A Seductive Look
    Brazil’s history is just as exciting as it’s current affairs, filled with ups, downs, and conflicts that could compete with any box office action thriller.

    The Portuguese were the first European settlers to arrive in the area, led by adventurous Pedro Cabral, who began the colonial period in 1500. Little did Pedro know he was planting the seeds of future hotness that would become the famous the world over.

    Unlike the colonizing philosophy of the Spanish, the Portuguese in Brazil were much less focused at first on conquering, controlling, and developing the country. Most were impoverished sailors, who were far more interested in profitable trade and subsistence agriculture than in territorial expansion.

    Nonetheless, sugar soon came to Brazil, and with it came imported slaves. To a degree unequaled in most of the American colonies, the Portuguese settlers frequently intermarried with both the Indians and the African slaves, and there were also mixed marriages between the Africans and Indians. This interracial mixing of three very distinct genetic pools, would no doubt have an impact on the future hotness of Brazilian women.

    A Group Of Sexy Brazilian Girls On The Beach

    As a result, Brazil’s population is a population of mixed babies, who through some miracle have managed to discover the perfect cocktail of the best genes available to man.

    Most Brazilians possess some combination of European, African, Amerindian, Asian, and Middle Eastern lineage, and this multiplicity of cultural legacies is a notable feature of current Brazilian culture, and an EXTRA notable feature of the sexy bunda packin babes you’ll see all over Brazil…

    These are facts.

    Let’s get back to our history lesson… Portugal so treasured the colony of Brazil that they actually sent its people gold bullion to protect its integrity — quite an unusual action. It’s almost as if Portugal knew Brazil had something special in it, something that made it a South American treasure worth protecting and keeping pure.

    In other words, they must have known the place was more or less dripping with smoking hot babes. There’s no other explanation. The Portuguese made some half-assed attempts to colonize parts of America, Canada and other South American areas, but Brazil was their baby — their hot, bikini-clad, long legged baby whom they would cut off several fingers to have sex with.

    Brazil Girl Poolside With Bikini

    Brazil’s #1 Export:


    I realize, of course, that this article seeks to explain why Brazilian women are so hot, but — as many philosophers and Douglas Adams have stated — often the only reasonable answer to “why” is “why not?” There are so goddamned many gorgeous Brazilian women that it just seems to be a stone-set fact of life that Brazil manufactures beautiful women as a matter of course. For Chrissakes, one country produced all the following women:

    Alessandra Ambrosio
    Alessandra Ambrosio

    Adriana Lima
    Adriana Lima

    Isabeli Fontana
    Isabeli Fontana

    Izabel Goulart
    Izabel Goulart

    Ana Beatriz Barros
    Ana Beatriz Barros

    Gisele Bundchen
    Gisele Bundchen

    and Juliana Martins
    Juliana Martins

    A Booming Economy

    Brazil has the highest GDP in all of Latin America, with significant agricultural and manufacturing sectors and an enormous labor pool. It makes some sense, perhaps, that with their economy going so well, Brazilian citizens are generally less panicked and take the time to care for themselves. It’s easier to eat right, exercise and use skin care products when your country isn’t quadrillions of dollars in debt — lord knows we are, and our hottest chick from a decade ago now looks like this:

    Britney Spears Cutting Her Hair Off

    Coincidence? I don’t think so.

    Weapons of Mass Seduction

    Sexy Brazilian Baby at Pool Side
    Come to think of it, there’s something rather sinister about how many hotties come from Brazil. The surplus hotness Brazil exports on a daily basis could feed the homeless for a decade, if spent properly. It’s almost as if Brazil is trying to corner the global market on attractive women — as if they want a monopoly on sexy.

    I am of the opinion that Brazil actually wishes to wage war on the civilized countries of the world by flaunting their women in our faces — their supermodels act as the greatest combination defense and offense in the history of warfare.

    Sure, the US could nuke them into oblivion with our massive super weapon stockpile, but we’d literally be killing the most beautiful women on the planet. Similarly, we might have a more stable government with (arguably) more personal freedoms, but hell; Brazil’s got the hottest women! On paper, our lives may be slightly better, but the Brazilian life is more WORTH living simply because the sex is BETTER, and more plentiful. Brazil knows that, outside of disturbing eugenic experiments, there’s no real way for the rest of the world to combat their legions of hotties.

    Brazilians fight their wars not with bombs, but with bundas, bikinis, and bosoms. And they are DEFINITELY winning.

    The Brazilian Wax & The Brazilian Thong

    Two Plumpy Brazilian Bundas

    Is it any wonder that the two most famous things to come out of Brazil are the “Brazilian Wax” and the “Brazilian Thong”. Need I say more? Their minds must be on sex all the time, which leads to vaginal waxing, and hot babes prancing around the beach in skimpy thongs, which leads to better sex with better looking women, which leads to better looking kids, which leads to more and more sex… I know what you’re thinking… It’s a VICIOUS cycle I know we all WISH we could be a part of.

    God bless Brazil,

    Dan DeLa Cruz Signature

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    45 responses to “Why Are Brazilian Women So Hot?” RSS icon

    • What B.S.! Brazilian women are not worse or better than anywhere else in the world (perhaps except US where 99% of women are fat cows, so let me exclude this one country). There is still a decent proportion of fat mamas down in brazil, trust me.

    • Your analysis of the Portuguese “colonizing philosophy” is erroneous. The Portuguese had no where to expand as they signed the Treaty of Tordesilhas/Tordesillas en 1494, which gave Portugal lands that lay 370 leagues to the west of Cape Verde Islands. Any land beyond that point was property of Spain. Thus, Portugal was given the easternmost lands (Brazil) and Spain the western lands (the rest).

      Spain was interested in the same types of trade as Portugal and purchased slave labor from the Portuguese to work the sugar plantations in its Caribbean holdings. Your description of the social, historic, and economic factors that contributed to the creation of hot Brazilian women took place in most of Latin America (especially along the coast). Does this mean we should put all Latin American women on the same hotness level as the Brasileiras?

    • You told it! I am a 39, Mexican single who has travelled all over the world due to my job as a business consultant. Believe me, if you think you know something about women you have to travel to three places to know the real deal, and those places are: Russia, Cuba and Brazil. As for Brazilian girls, it’s not only their astonishing bodies barely covered by those tiny thongs, it’s about the eroticism that surrounds them any moment and the fairness to relate with men.

    • I’m brazilian and there is not all like this, trust me.

      of course that there is lots of pretty girls here, with a hot body, but sometimes people think that here we just drink some bear, kiss, and go to the beach.

      Brazil is a beautiful place, and is cool to live here I think that here is so much easy! but i would like to live in US.

      i’m just 14 years old but I think that people need to know before talk about a subject.


    • Married 3x (Usa, Ukraine, \’Brazil) age 50 snowboarder. Will not list all countries sampled … in any case, my current wife surpasses all expectations in affection and non-stop prowess in the sack. Also, extremely loyal and hardworking. Brazil rules, in my case, but be prepared to be \"dominado, tudu dominado!\"

    • Ya I’d like to know where these girls are in Brazil because I was just there last year and I DID NOT SEE A SINGLE HOT WOMAN THERE! And was there during Carnaval. People need to get the facts straight.

    • Bob L,

      Actually the analysis is quite true. The Spanish crushed the Aztecs and
      tried to conquer all of it. Portugal (not only in Brazil but all over Africa and even Asia), sought trade relations and controlled only coastal cities and ports. Particularly in Brazil, they mixed quite well with the natives after a certain adaptation period and they were by large less violent and more open than the Spanish (let alone the English).

      About the Tordesillas treaty, it is true although the borders of Brazil actually pass that frontier by large and Portuguese sailors established for some time in Labrador and other parts of North America.

      Anyway, looking at other parts of the globe, the Portuguese colonization (though obviously not perfect from our XX century standards) was definitely the less violent and more mixing of all.

    • The article is based on some facts but it’s also a tongue in cheek explanation for the hotness of Brazilian women. You’re right though… there are many attractive women, no matter what Latin country you visit. However some countries outshine others. I’d say the top Latin American countries to find attractive women are Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Cuba.

    • I am Brazilian and lived in the usa for 8 years,but i am now in Brazil and i am not going to say you it’s not ture that brazilian women are beautiful, but there are lots are women that are not, But brazilian women take alot care of themself another reanson they look really good, but brazilian are not only beautiful but hardworking,fun, and super nice. Brazilian people men and women are the sweetest people on the earth :)

    • 1. Colonial History (Other countries with similar histories also have hotties Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela ) & Euro invasion of Southern Brazil created hot blondes with great bodies.

      2. Hot white AND black girls

      3. Brazilian culture is really laid back, open, and free of Puritanism. Friday is ‘Sextafeira’. C’mon!

      4. Strong gender roles for females (all Latin America really) is attractive for men sick of American feminazis.

      5. Russia, any country in Scandinavia, mixed girls, and Argentina are runner ups.

    • you pointed out that brazil is only usefull cause of its hottest women………….damn you!
      there’s a lot more than that in that country.
      you wont see another country with such adorable and sweet wont see such high hygiene proceedings in its markets,places in food selling businnes,not to mention non-smoking rooms in restaurants and it’s very well mooded won’t see such respect anywhere else.Brazil is the most succesfull country in developing countermeasures against diseases of all kind.Almost 100% of kids and teenagers in school.Owners of the most modern bank sistem in the world.the most enterpreneurial country in the world,too.and 70% of its people,rich or poor,dedicating a considerable part of their time in voluntary jobs.They do their best to understand and please foreigners of anywhere.They laugh and make joke at their own disgrace,facing the problems dancing (samba).Not meaning that they’re not a serious folk.Brazil has the third greatest democracy in the planet.The congress punishes its own members against corruption,what rarely occurs in another civilized countries.Brazil represents 40% of latin america market;the second greatest market of executive jets and helicopters.The only country in south hemisphere participating in Genoma project.All of this even after Portugal had taken a great amount of wealth from them centuries ago.
      If the whole world people were like their people,we wouldn’t know what war is like.

    • I’m brasilian also, and i can tell you this much.. ya mostly brasilian girls are pretty and hot and sweet etc.. brasilian girls have something you can call “glow” thats what makes us special and different than any other women of dif nationality.. you wanna know where this glow come from?
      well for one, like everyone already comment, we are very well mixed and we take care of ourselves. but if you dont know this yet now you know, Brasil is a very very blessed country, its the closest, and at the same time furtherst from paradize as you can get.
      God is brasilian, and he made sure his angels look very sparkly =)

    • Because they are sexy and beautiful..also because of their tan skin.

    • I know I\\\’m replying to and oldish thread, but I\\\’m missing Brazil so much right now (tenho tanto suadade)I had to do it anyway. My mother is Brazilian, dad was American. I\\\’ve traveled there often lived there for a short time as well. I definitely agree Brazilian women are amazing – warm, elegant, gorgeous, comfortable with their femininity. They do also spend a lot of time and money on looking good, a mixed blessing in my opinion.

      The agree the portuguese did clearly integrate more quickly and more deeply with the indigenous population, but for political and military gain as much or more than any unique racial openness, but make no mistake, there was plenty of bloody conquest as well. I think it is fair to say, though, that those early alliances probably helped create a uniquely multi-cultural society. Brazilians are extremely skilled social networkers and place a very high value on getting along well, being positive, upbeat, polite, even in the face painful problems. The escolas de samba (carnaval troupes) are examples of highly diverse, sophisticated and efficient social groups that achieve very organized results with little or no formal rules or top down structure. This skill serves them very well in business and international relations as well as evidenced by the fact that they\\\’ve not had a single war in well over a hundred years. Not to mention that the music and dancing is amazingly beautiful and joyous.

      But of course it\\\’s not without faults. There is massive corruption and greed in government and, till fairly recently (the 80s), military oppression and gross violation of human rights. The disparity between rich and poor is huge and crime and homelessness are huge problems, especially in the big cities. But I believe they are slowly addressing these issues over time and continue to grow into ever more vibrant and peaceful culture. Brasil, te amo!

    • Brazil isn’t a homogeneous country. That is, it’s extremely mixed race. Many of the names of the above babes are German, Spanish and Italian. Good mix of tans and tanning is what makes most of them so hot.

    • All these women that we are speaking about, are from areas that were/are heavily populated with blacks and black slaves. No other countries get this type of clout about there women. Hmmmm I wonder why???

    • All these women that we are speaking about, are from areas that were/are heavily populated with blacks and black slaves. No other countries get this type of clout about there women. Hmmmm I wonder why??? 😉
      I agree with Aline…

    • brazillian women may be hot but they are so easy any man can have one any day!!!!!! its ok to say no once in a while and be a lady, dont easily give it up

    • Brazil is a country with mix race and diversity,so not all people in Brazil are 100% Brazilian.Im Brazilian and west Indian,and people comment how pretty i am,but i look more Indian than Brazilian.

    • I am Brazilian, I think that Brazil has beautiful people and sexy as anywhere else in the world, dream one day to live in canada just that in this country will see more than whitey people with brown skin or brown, lol.

    • what a load of crap, I can tell most of you have never visited brazil….. there are beautiful women but A LOT OF VERY UGLY ONES TOO, TRUST ME I LIVE IN BRAZIL, but this article only posts models and so on as if it was the norm in brazil heheheehehehe.

      the average brazilian girl doesn’t look like a model!!!

      stupid pathetic westerners oh all brazilians are beautiful and very open minded, and ver y positive


    • Hi
      I’m Brazilian. But I do not think Brazilian women are the most beautiful in the world. In my opinion, there are beautiful women all over the world. It’s the beauty of each one is different, for example: See if the Indians would find such beautiful Brazilian women? What I mean is that you think Brazilian women are very beautiful, because their culture is like the culture of Brazil and the Brazilians know the time is right to pass such a makeup, they know how to lose a few pounds and take good care to know the body. It is clear that the mixing of races also helps.
      More, much more than beauty in Brazil:
      It’s hard to meet people from other countries as sweet as it is in Brazil!

      Eu sou brasileira. Mas eu não acho que as mulheres brasileiras são as mais bonitas do mundo. Na minha opinião, existem mulheres bonitas em todo o mundo. É que a beleza de cada uma é diferente, por exemplo: Veja se os índianos iriam achar as brasileiras tão belas? O que eu quero dizer é que vocês acham que as mulheres brasileiras são muito bonitas, porque sua cultura é igual a cultura do Brasil e as brasileiras sabem a hora certa para passar uma tal maquiagem, sabem como perder alguns quilos e sabem ter bons cuidados com o corpo. É claro que a mistura de raças também ajuda.
      Mais, há muito mais do que a beleza no Brasil:
      É difícil encontrar pessoas de outros países tão doce como se encontra no Brasil!

    • Thank you Peter, I agree with you! And your coment is a prove there are amarican men not too stupid.
      I’m very blessed for being brazilian and for living in this wonderful country!

    • Thank you Peter, I agree with you! And your coment is a prove there are amarican men not too stupid.
      I\’m very blessed for being brazilian and for living in this wonderful country!

    • Yes most brazilians are mixed with black thats why their bodies are so on point like black women.

    • Hi,

      I am Chinese. I met a Brazilian girl on the train in Australia today and I think she is super hot, probably a 10/10 compared to most Chinese girls who are just 7/10. I wonder the how good Brazilian’s English is because I only know English other than Chinese. If Brazilian girls are that open I think I might ask some Brazilian girl out next time.

    • @Hot Girl

      You are right. Hot body and tan skin make them very sexy.

    • Brazil is a country strong sexual since the beginning of its colonization, the Portuguese urged anal sex and domination over the black African (these are super sex) and the Indies. Sex is the beginning of everything cultural that we do.

    • I never knew or though much about Brazilian women, but I had heard they were beautiful. I must admit that the world is loaded with beautiful women from all countries,and of colors and cultures. But last year I met a beautiful woman from Brazil. This in one event the change things for me. Not only was she beautiful, she was so comforting and fun to be around. Here was a beautiful lady that was tall athletic, open to fun things to do. I remember talking about music and asking do you enjoy jazz or music in general. I just got a big warm smile, that said I enjoy life and take the good and bad, and keep a good spirt. Just knowing this beautiful beautiful woman has motivated be in all aspects of my life.
      I will always be thankful for getting to know her. What a blessing!

    • ilove brazilian grils they are very hot
      cute and funny iloved them so much

    • I’m just posting to say that I totally agree with Peter. I’m from England, but I did an exchange to Brazil and lived there for a year. brazilian people are really beautiful on the outside, yes, they are! :) but they’re also extremely beautiful on the inside too. I can say that everyone there was nice to me. They’re very funny too =D just like peter said, they joke about everything, even about themselves lol. They’re extremely outgoing and very, very kind.

      I lived there for just a year (actually, 10 months) and my gf and best friends are mostly from there. I wanna graduate in college and move to brazil and live there again. this country changed my life completely, but it was for the best! 😉

      add me on facebook
      tony jacobs
      im the only guy with a brazilian flag :)

    • I’m from brasil, lived there till I was 7 then moved to the US, and many people when asked about brasil, most just say, beach, beer, amazon and pretty girls.

      There is way more to brasil then they think!

      Brasil is growing so fast because we are a thriving country, we know that our country there are many criminals and bad things happen, but that doesn’t stop us from ever going the distance.

      And our lady’s are pretty? Not necceseraly
      I’ve moved back into my country and Manu shocks and surprises of how many of the girls and women are so ignorant! (the men too)
      Compared to the US that is, the women take very good care of their looks, some are plastic some are not either way they are very pretty

      With the help if our genetics of course, but the world has many beautiful women, brasil is just menched more because we a part of every location, so it’s a variety for men
      But again more then meets the eye, most women don’t give them selfs easy they just look pretty with they’re bikinis and such because simply we think it looks good not to get laid.

    • Brazilian girls are beautiful (:

    • Dude, you talk of mixed heritage but then put up pictures of all white Brazillian women. They’re all mostly pure European ancestry.

      Where are the pictures of the thick, juicy beautiful women of Brazil?

    • Who decided that being tan makes people more attractive? I’m not going to sit here and say that these women aren’t incredibly gorgeous, but I actually prefer a paler.

      Swedish, Russian, Croatian….really anywhere in eastern Europe, etc. Gorgeous women not near as dark as what is normally considered “tan” in Western culture.

      Then you have east asian women, who can’t compete with the raw sexuality and hotness of other women, but make up for it with an insane amount of cuteness and innocence.

      But then you have the hands down winners (for me at least):
      The most beautiful women I’ve ever seen have been petite fiery redheads with very pale skin, blue eyes, and freckles. Scottish, Irish, America(obviously). I’ll take a girl like that over Adriana Lima or Giselle any day.

    • im from america and i made out with a brazzilian girl and about 90% of the ones that i saw from where i went (in america, they were on a trip) were really freakin hot and pretty easy, but also nice

    • the reality is most pics of brazilian women are the ones that they have bikini on.
      any decent looking girl pictured by a professional photographer will look sexy.
      its really the bikini shots that make the smoking hot!!! plus one the proper model-like women are portrayed on bikini pics.

      simple as that.

    • Any place with mixed heritages will certainly have some of the hottest women imaginable.. To the girl up there with the “glow, god must be brazilian” crap, that’s just part of being a woman (with undefinable beauty, sweetness, mystery and all the wonder that it entails). I went to Brazil for Carnaval a few years back expecting them all to look like this. Wrong. Though I did meet some pretty girls, in my experience, some of the most beautiful women I’ve had the pleasure of meeting were from my trip to the Dominican Republic (with the bodacious bodies, Caribbean charm and YES, perfect butts) and Swedish women; Brazil came to a close third. Be warned, Latina women can be hard to handle, but very much worth it.

    • I went to Brazil Recently(Last Year) My Girlfriends family is Brazilian.I was so pissed of when I was on the way to Brazil,But As sson as I got there the first thing I saw was a Brazilian girl with a BIG ass!And she came up to me and asked me If i was lost(My GF Was about to fuck her up!)Well my point is Brazilian women are HOT!But not evrywhere I toured all over the place And the Hot girls are mostly in the Cities(Sao Pablo…) So Brazil is like any other country Some Beautiful Women ,Some Ugly women…But the hot girls here are beyond hotter than any hot american Girl(Im American) !So I think brazilian women are the most beautiful Women!From My experiences I think because they eat HEALTHY.And take care of their body alot!And use many weird lotions…Brazilian women are HOT!^__

    • I agree…Argentine girls are prettier.

    • I am African-American, more specifically, Black. And I have always had the opinion that Latino are hands down the most gorgeous women on the planet. I’ve been in the Navy, so I’ve seen ( and experienced) my fair share of women from around the globe, and Latin women by far hold the gold medal in my mind for sexiness, hotness and overall WOMANESS. This is followed by a close second to middle-eastern woman, followed by those of scandinavian descent. Maybe it’s just me, but Brazilian woman seem to encapsulate the best characteristics of every ethnic background and generate the most incredible women on the planet. It’s like the Walmart of Gorgeous Women! Anything you want you can get there…amazing!

    • It’s bullshit. ALL women has their own beauty!
      It is not a competition, there are beautiful women EVERYWHERE just like ugly women!! That’s a fact. People need to learn not generalize everything, it creates expectatives, therefore disappointments.

    • Brazilian girls are my favorite subject to talk about when it cums to women. I love everything about Brazilian girls from their attitude to booty. I should get paid just to think about Brazilian girls……..LOL.

    • Sorry, but i take extreme offense to the first comment on this page. first off, i’m an american girl. Second off, i work out, and take care of myself. I maintain a slim, thin, athletic, petite, yet curvy figure. So to stereotype a country based off of what you see in the media, or off of a couple people is horrendous. Learn to site facts before you make an analysis.

    • I know brazilian women are a little too hot. Especially the younger generation. 17..18..19..20..and 21 are just out of this world. I really want to marry a woman from Brazil. They all have a freakn beautiful color, nice long hair, an amazing smile.. And a to die for bust size. The are definitely the most beautiful.. Gorgeous… Breathtaking women on the planet.

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