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  • Ask A Latino Guy About Foreign Women

    Posted on August 2nd, 2011 admin No comments

    If you live in the United States chances are you Interact with a Latino guy in some way, shape or form. This is the perfect opportunity to get a glimpse into the world of International Dating and foreign women. It doesn’t even have to be a Latin o guy… There are many people from various parts of the world that migrated to the United States. You may be a friend or co-worker of a guy from Russia or Ukraine, or the Philippines.

    Why am I telling you this?

    Because, I don’t want you to take my word for the fact that foreign women, and foreign dating environments are better. I want you to find out for yourself, by asking those friends, co-workers, and neighbors, that you interact with on a daily basis.

    Invite these guys for a drink, buy them a beer, talk about life, talk about the daily struggle, and then ask them how the women are back in their country…. Most likely 90% of them will tell you that it does not compare. In fact, most guys that migrate to the United States, stay womanless for many many years. Many of them end up bringing their girl friends/wives over illegally in order to have that female companionship that keeps them from not going crazy.

    I’ve seen it too many times. Most Latino guys get shock therapy when it comes to how easy they have it back home with women back home as compared to the United States. I’m sure that it’s not that much different in places like Canada, Western Europe, Australia etc.

    You don’t have to believe me… ask around, but ask foreign guys. I’m just stating the facts. If you want to learn more and get all the nitty gritty details about foreign women and international dating, visit the global dating revolution foreign women guide.

  • Too Many Hot Women to Compete With

    Posted on June 4th, 2010 Dan DeLa Cruz No comments

    “There’s just too much competition. There’s too many good looking women around here to compete with.” That’s what she told me as we were riding in the taxi. We were headed down Calle 72 in the northern part of Barranquilla. It was our second date, and we were headed to the mall to walk around and do some window shopping.

    I’m not sure exactly how it came up. But it wasn’t the first time I’ve heard attractive women complain about the tough female competition in Latin America.

    The thing that always gets me, is that I’ve never heard a woman complain once about the tough female competition in the United States. But in Latin America, no matter what country I’ve been to, I always run into women who complain about the dating environment.

    I’ve heard it from Ecuadorian women, Brazilian women, Colombia women, Peruvian women, and even Bolivian women, just to name a few. Not every girl complains but enough women complain to the point where you start asking yourself? Is there really something to this?

    But when it comes to American women I’ve never had one complain in my presence. I read an article on a website about an American woman who couldn’t compete with the Latinas in Miami, but other then that, it’s never happened.

    So what gives? Are Latinas just whiners? Or is there something else going on here?

    10 years ago I might have just chalked all this complaining to coincidence. But today I’m a much more experienced guy, and I know the REAL reasons why so many women complain in Latin America. I’ve cataloged and detailed everything in my book about International Dating and Foreign Women. Once you read it, you’ll have the upper hand over all those guys that have no clue why Latin American women complain about their local female competition.

  • Latin Women Dating Tips: Tip # 2 Food

    Posted on April 29th, 2010 Dan DeLa Cruz No comments

    Tip #2: Food – The way to a Latina’s heart

    Latin Women Dating Tips

    One of the best conversational tools you can use with Latin women is: Food. Every culture is defined in part by it’s food. And Latin America is no different. Although the dishes and foods throughout Latin America have many similarities, each country and even each region within a country has it’s own specialties and even different names for what may be the same dishes. There’s a million things you can ask about the food from her country and region.

    A conversation on food can lead to many places. Does she know how to cook? If she does, she might have to cook for you sometime. What’s her favorite dish from her country? Does she know any places that have good typical dishes from her country/region? Suggest a nice dinner at the places she mentions.

    I know dinner dates have lost their glitter in the eyes of many. But dinner doesn’t always have to be in a restaurant. You can ask her to come over, go shopping together for all the ingredients, and help her make a typical dish from her country. Add a bottle of wine (or some other alcoholic beverage) and some music and it not only makes for a small little adventure into the super market and the kitchen, it makes for a great date.

    There’s just something about eating together that creates intimacy. That intimacy gets even stronger when you’re both making the bread you’re going to break. If you think about it, most major world religions have some sort of a traditional ritual feast. Breaking bread together just brings people closer to each other.

    I’m sure you’ve heard that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Latin women take this very seriously, but now you can use her stomach as a way to build rapport, setup great dates, and add some interesting topics into the conversation.

  • Tips For Dating Latin Women: Tip #1

    Posted on April 22nd, 2010 Dan DeLa Cruz No comments

    Tip #1: A Little Spanish or Portuguese Goes a Long Way:

    Latin Women Dating Tips
    Whether your dealing with a Latin women at home or abroad, you can use your lack of knowledge of her language to your advantage. This particular tip is especially useful if your dealing with a Latina at home where you both speak English or if your interacting with a Latin girl abroad who knows English. I’m assuming you’ll both be communicating mostly in English, but you’ll need to use the little Spanish or Portuguese that you know to add some flirtation and fun into the interaction.

    One important thing to remember is that you don’t need to be fluent in either Spanish or Portuguese to make a good impression. Like the tittle states, a little knowledge of the language goes a long way. In fact you probably know some common phrases already, like: “gracias”, “como estas?”, and “estas muy bonita” (you are really cute). I bet you knew or have heard at least two out of those three phrases. If you put a little effort into it you can probably learn 20 to 30 phrases in a weeks time.

    Most latina women will find your knowledge of her language very endearing. They may asked you where you learned that? Or compliment you on your knowledge of her language, even though it may be very little. You might get a chuckle because you pronounce something wrong or because you mixed words up. The point is to make your use of her language fun and lite hearted, but at the same time you must be interested in it, and willing to learn more, particularly from her. In many cases you can use your lack of knowledge of her language as an excuse to make her your language teacher. This can be a good reason to exchange phone numbers and contact information and an even better reason to setup another date.

    Your lack of language fluency can also come in handy when you find yourself in those awkward moments when neither of you have something to say. A good safety net is to just think of something or look around and ask her how you say that in her language. Many Latin women will appreciate the fact that your taking time to learn her language and culture.

    This tip applies to Latinas but it can also apply to other foreign women you may meet either locally or abroad. As long as you can communicate in another language with the foreign girl (most likely English), you can use your lack of knowledge of her native or second language as useful conversational tool.

  • How To Greet Latin Women With A Kiss On The Cheek

    Posted on April 7th, 2010 Dan DeLa Cruz No comments

    Kiss on the CheekIf you run into a Latin women anywhere in this world, or anywhere in Latin America this is a useful little tip that will get you started off the right foot.

    Generally in Latin America anytime you greet someone from the opposite sex you extend your hand do small handshake or hand clasp and then pull her in for a small cheek to cheek kiss. This move includes the first time you meet someone.

    The following is an excerpt from my book The Global Dating Revolution on page 175 explaining the whole process:

    A cheek to cheek kiss is a great way to start the interaction. It brings you in very close right from the start, and the women can get a sense of your colgne and presence.

    Cheek to cheek kisses are reserved for the opposite sex, don’t ever try to kiss a guy on the cheek. Although French and Italian men do kiss each other on the cheek, this does not happen in Latin America, except for maybe Argentina.

    As a man you’re expected to initiate the cheek to cheek kiss by leaning in and puller her hand in gently at the same time. You don’t actually put your lips on her cheek, especially if it’s your first time meeting her. What you do is press your cheek gently against hers, and make a kissing sound.

    If you’re meeting a group of girls, don’t just kiss the girl you like on the cheek, kiss all of them on the cheek. Normally it would not be polite for a woman to refuse a kiss on the cheek. However if you don’t start of with a kiss on the cheek from the very first interaction it might feel a bit awkward to do it later on, especially if you’ve already met the woman many times.

    One great way to judge a woman’s attraction towards you is the kiss goodbye. As you get more comfortable with a woman your cheek to cheek kiss can a bit more intimate by bringing your lips a bit closer to her lips every time and judging her response. If you’re both feeling the chemistry a goodbye cheek to cheek kiss where the side of your lips brush her’s can lead to a full blown kiss or make out.

    The Cheek Kiss Play By Play:
    Let’s say you’re right handed. What you would do is the following.

    • Extend your right hand, for a handshake
    • Smile and introduce yourself, just say your name listen for hers (do this while your extending your hand)
    • Even before you have a full grasp of her hand start to lean in, but once you do have a hold of her hand you opt to shake it gently or just pull her in gently
    • Turn you’re head slightly, exposing your right cheek and bring it towards hers. Remember always use your right cheek
    • Your cheek should touch and brush hers
    • Make the kissing sound, like a small smooch
    • Pull away gently always smile
    • You can add a “mucho gusto” optionally, which means nice to meet you
    • Make sure you do all of these things in one fluid motion

    How To Greet People In General In Latin America

    It’s also important to greet everyone in the room when you enter. North Americans are notorious for entering a room and just giving a “hey, howdy, hey!” to everyone. That is considered very rude to a Latin. Here you enter a room, and go around the room greeting each person. Kiss every woman on the cheek, even older women and younger women, and shake every man’s hand. When you depart from a gathering, you should generally also say goodbye to everyone individually. The handshake or kiss is repeated at departure.

    Cheek Kissing Videos:

    This first video is a video that explains the origins of the cheek kiss, and gives you some great examples and explanations of the cheek kiss:

    This second video is from a Latin American soap opera. You’ll notice that the father kisses the mother and daughter both on the cheek but with his lips. The guy dating the girl gives her a kiss on the cheek goodbye but it’s a bit more intimate because their lips come very close.

    For more great information on international dating and foreign women get The Global Dating Revolutionwith the 5 bonuses included for free.

  • Class Division and Women In Latin America

    Posted on March 11th, 2010 Dan DeLa Cruz No comments

    Latin American is a very large region with a population almost double that of the United States. However, most of the countries in Latina America share one thing in common: a very pronounced class division based on economic prosperity. Certain countries like Costa Rica and Chile have less income and wealth inequality, therefore their class division isn’t as pronounced, but practically every other country in Latin America has these pronounced social borders that separate the different economic classes.

    Much of this class division stems from the fact that Latin America is the most unequal region in the world in terms of income distribution. Although the level of poverty, violence, and underdevelopment is no where near many of the African countries the reasons why Latin America is the most unequal region is because very few people hold untold amounts of wealth, while the rest of the population gets by on very little. This doesn’t mean that most of the people in Latin America are starving, but it does mean that many people struggle economically, meanwhile the wealthy live like kings and take vacations to Europe, and North America like it’s nothing.

    Most of the inequality in Latin America is not due a lack of talent, or willingness to work of the general public. The lack of progress in equalizing the wealth in these countries is due mostly in part to due to a continuing cycle of inequality, where corrupt governments promise change, only to rob and steal from the people and allying themselves with a few powerful interests and looting the countries coffers for themselves.

    When you interact with a foreigner or a foreign girl, her outlook on life and her attitude will depend largely on which social class she belongs in her country.

    Upper Class:
    These are the minority and the wealthiest people in any country. The upper class throughout Latin America is very small but they’re also very very wealthy. Upper class people enjoy perks, and lifestyles that 95% of their countrymen don’t.

    When it comes to meeting and dating an upper class Latin American girl, it may be much like dating an American woman. In many cases it’s because these women have had lavish lifestyles, and maybe even spent time abroad, for example getting an education at an American university. Overall I’ve noticed the most Americanized social class is the upper class, and for this reason when I’m in Latin America it’s just not my thing. Having said all this, if upper class women are your thing, I’m sure you’ll be able to find some humble, down earth, upper class Latin woman, if you look hard enough, but I wouldn’t overlook the middle, and upper middle class women.

    Middle Class:
    The middle class is larger then the upper class and can range anywhere from 10% to 30% of the population but is still very small compared to the middle class of other regions of the world, particularly the United States. Middle class people are generally more humble then their upper class counterparts. These are generally the people who vacation locally or to countries near by, they may have a family car and live in a decent home, and study at the 2nd tier universities. In general I find middle class women the best choices for dating abroad.

    Lower Class:
    The lower class population is usually the largest segment in most Latin American countries. In general this segment of the population lives in the more dangerous sections of town. Although they aren’t starving, they get by on very little. Usually it’s tough to get an college education because of the need to help the family out and work even starting at a young age, and because of the lack of money for an education.

    The problem you’ll have with these women is the fact that they live in dangerous neighborhoods and the fact the most important thing for them may be economic stability. However, if you know how to navigate these waters, you’ll be able to weed out the the women who are only gold digging. Other then that, these women are easy to please material wise, they’re humble, and hard working.

    My Strategy:
    I generally like to meet and date women from the range of “lower-upper class” all the way through the “upper-lower class” (if that makes sense). If we broke up the social classes into 6 divisions, 1 being the lowest and six being the highest (wealthiest), like they do in Colombia, I would probably say I aim to stay in the range from 2 through 5.

  • Taking The Bus In Barranquilla Vs Taking The Bus In New York

    Posted on February 19th, 2010 Dan DeLa Cruz No comments

    I was on my way to a mall to do some grocery shopping. I was dressed casual, nothing fancy. A blue hat, a white t-shirt, some blue jeans and my comfy sneakers. Most of the time I would have taken a taxi, but this time I decided to take the bus for kicks. Sometimes taking the bus can be a great way to meet women.

    I knew where the bus stop was, a few blocks over. As I got closer I noticed a very nice looking woman who was dressed like she had just gotten out of work from the office. She was looking very professional yet attractive. I sort of knew what bus to take, and what to do, but I decided to ask her for help just to see if I could start a conversation.

    I asked her if this was where I can take the bus, and she said told me that it was. I made a comment that I didn’t know the bus routes yet, so I had to ask around all the time, I said this with a smile. She asked where I’m from? And I told her I was from the U.S. and that I was just visiting. I asked her if she was from Barranquilla and she mentioned that she wasn’t. She was from a city about 3 hours away, but she was living there because of work and University.

    At this point we had only talked for about 30 seconds and bus came. I let her get in first and she sat down at on the first seats. I got on and paid my bus fair and then sat across the isle, but right next to her. After I sat down she got up, and paid her fair, and then sat down in the isle behind me. I was about to put my right arm back and over the chair so I could turn and still engage her in conversation, but before I could move, she asked me to come sit next to her. This was a surprise. I’ve spoken with women in New York and New Jersey on the bus before, I’ve never had a woman ask me to come sit next to her.

    I take a seat next to her and we chat some more for about 2 minutes before we get to our final destination. It turns out we were both going to the mall. She was going to meet a friend to talk about a job opportunity and I was going to do my grocery shopping. When I mentioned the grocery shopping she mentioned that if I wanted one day she would come help me do some shopping because she knew where to get the best prices. Again, another surprise: An attractive young professional, educated woman offering to help me with my groceries only minutes after meeting me. I thanked her and told her I’d take her up on her offer. We exchanged a few more sentences and then she invited me over for lunch the next day at her apartment. She asked me if I had a phone, and of course I do, so she asked me to take down her number and call her the next morning so we can arrange a time for lunch.

    I use to work in New York, and I use to take the bus into the city from various places in New Jersey, and back to New Jersey from New York. I struck up conversations with many women on the bus, at the port authority, and bus stops, but in my five plus years working in the city and taking the bus to work, I never had an interaction that flowed as easily, and effortlessly as this one.

    This is just one of many examples of what the women are like in foreign countries. YES I know not every interaction will be this positive or flow this effortlessly, but it just goes to show you what’s possible with international dating and foreign women. Even if just 2 out of every 10 interactions flow like this in Colombia, back in New Jersey/New York, it’s never this easy, effortless, and fun!

  • Do the World’s Most Beautiful Women Live in Venezuela?

    Posted on October 28th, 2009 Dan DeLa Cruz 3 comments recently released an article titled “Venezuela’s Most Beautiful Women“. It’s a series of pictures of current and past pageant contestants and winners.

    Miss Venezuela (Dayana Mendoza featured in the picture) most recently won the title of Miss Universe for 2009, bringing the grand total of Venezuela wins to a whooping 6.

    Having been to Venezuela myself, I have to agree that Venezuelan women are amazingly attractive. An afternoon stroll down one of the busy avenues in the center of the city leaves you with more then eyeful of slender, attractive “chamas” (Venezuelan slang for chica or girl).

    Night clubs and in Caracas are no different, and my Venezuelan female friends have confessed to me in the past over some drinks that they have to fight tooth and nail for their men against all the other single ladies.

    If it wasn’t for the reports of violence and increased crime in Venezuela I probably would have gone back already. I may have to go and verify the reports for myself. But there are many other places including Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, and Costa Rica where the women are just as friendly and attractive, and crime isn’t as much of an issue.

    Although there are many pretty women in Venezuela I would say that it’s definitely not a place you want to venture into unless you’re a Veteran traveler, fluent in Spanish, and are a bit more risk averse.

    The one negative about Venezuela at the moment, is that the mismanagement of the Economy by President Hugo Chavez, has resulted in high inflation, increasingly difficult times economically, and shortages of basic necessities like water, and electricity. Rolling black outs are common place, and Chavez recently urged all Venezuelans to take 3 minute showers to conserve water.

    In part due to these reasons, crime and violence has increased dramatically in Venezuela over the past decade, most notably in the city of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. Although there are no outright “travel warnings” for Venezuela on the government websites, Venezuela and Caracas still remain high up on the list of crime and homicide rates.

    Still having said all of this, I’m reminded of my European friend who told me a story about a team of engineers from his company in Spain who were sent to Venezuela for a six month stint. Out of the team of 11 engineers 7 of them came back from Venezuela married. And no that is not an exaggeration.

  • An American Girl In Miami Can’t Compete With All The Latinas

    Posted on October 23rd, 2009 Dan DeLa Cruz 8 comments

    Miami Latin WomenI ran into an interesting article over at titled: “It’s not easy being a white girl in Miami“. It was interesting article about an American woman who doesn’t feel she can compete for the attention of men in Miami because of all of the feminine Latin women who among other things, stay in shape, don’t gain weight, dress to impress, and aren’t afraid to show their feminine curves.

    The article didn’t surprise me one bit. And one particular part of the article really struck a cord with me. Lyn Millner, the author of this article writes: “Miami pulses, thrums and throbs with sex. The climate helps, but mainly it’s the café-con-leche goddesses with full lips, unruly hair and inviting eyes. These women would look gorgeous if they made no effort at all. But they dress up even when they go to the dry cleaners – in body hugging T-shirts, low-slung jeans, short skirts and strappy heels. Having a less-than-perfect figure doesn’t stop a Latina. She simply knows what to do. She is never overweight; she is unapologetically curvaceous. OK, so I’m generalizing, but this is what Miami looks like through a white girl’s eyes. There’s a negative way of looking at it. Val says the women in Miami dress like prostitutes.

    Everything in that article makes sense, however that last sentence is something that I’ve heard before word for word. Many years ago one of my good Latino friends named Javier was dating an American white girl from Northern New Jersey. They met in college and dated for many years. When they first met, his girlfriend was slim and attractive, but over time, as happens with many American women, she put on a lot of weight. A few years into their relationship my friend Javier who was from Santa Cruz Bolivia decided to take a trip back home. His girlfriend was madly in love with him so she decided to surprise him by going herself to Santa Cruz Bolivia.

    What she found when she arrived in Santa Cruz Bolivia was definitely not to her liking. Santa Cruz much like many other foreign cities is a city well known for it’s fierce female competition. Ladies compete amongst themselves by staying in shape, flirting aggressively, and overall being very very feminine and girly. If Miami is the equivalent to a AK-47 then a city like Santa Cruz is an A-bomb.

    Javier’s girlfriend had a tough time dealing with all the sexy Latin women who were flirting with her boyfriend. When she came back from Bolivia I asked her how her trip was, and guess what: She said she hated it, and that she’s never going back to Bolivia. And much like many American women’s defensive reactions to foreign women, she stated that “Bolivian women were sluts and that they dressed like prostitutes.”

    Sound familiar?

    It seems that now and days American women fall into two groups. One group accepts the fact that foreign women are more feminine, sexy, and attractive in many ways. They look to foreign women as an example of femininity, and try to learn from them. Then you have another group, which is probably the larger of the two, who feels threatened by these foreign ladies. Their only defense mechanism is to attack foreign women with generalizations, insults, and negativity.

    I’ll end this blog post with one final excerpt from the article:

    “I teach a class once a week at Florida International University in North Miami. The students are mostly women – from Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Puerto Rico, all points Caribbean – and, always, there are one or two male students who look stunned the first day and spend the entire semester sneaking furtive looks at the females.

    The only reason I’m able to muster the courage to show up week after week is that I’m invisible to these women. College instructors are expected to bulge in all the wrong places, have no hair or be missing an eyeball – like a child’s favorite doll.

    In Miami, men pay attention to exotic women. It’s all about dark. Dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin, dark mystery. White girls can’t compete. If we look like soccer moms, it’s because that’s the best we can do. At a party one time, a hot guy struck up a conversation with me by asking whether I had kids. When I said, “No. Why do you ask?” he told me I looked like the perfect mom. Seeing my reaction and sensing he’d said something wrong, he backpedaled. “I meant that in a good way. A pretty mom.”

    You can read the full article over at titled: “It’s not easy being a white girl in Miami.”

  • Latin America – Where Cute Faces and Thin Waists Are the Norm

    Posted on July 1st, 2009 Dan DeLa Cruz No comments

    Today I would like to talk about Latin American women.

    I’m talking about Latin American women from Latin America who are very Latina and cherish their culture. But apart from having a very traditional, feminine culture (unlike many women in the USA who have a more masculine mindset), women in Latin America look great. Latin America has been a melting pot where there has been a mix between European, African, and Indigenous populations. Many people argue that this mix has created a more well balanced and very attractive population, especially in areas where there has been a more even mix between cultures and races.

    Places like Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, and Costa Rica are perfect examples of this.

    In Latin America my friends, MOST women look great. And why is this? The truth is that in the USA roughly half of the women have lost their feminine curves due to the overweight and obesity epidemic.

    Yes, obesity is an issue in the USA. More then half of all Americans are overweight. Out of this, roughly 25% are considered obese, and this number is continuously growing. One other frightening fact is that obesity tends to affect women in more severity then men.

    While more then half American women are 20 to 30 pounds over their normal body weight, and roughly 25% are more then 30 pounds over, in Latin America, around 90% of the women are thin and in good shape.

    Even those who fall in the minority 10% that are not thin or in shape, are usually a few pounds over, but not obese. In fact, if you’ve ever traveled to Latin America you know that on most of your trips you will never almost never encounter an obese person. You may encounter some older men in their 40’s with beer belly’s, and some older ladies with a little extra weight, but the younger crowds are all fit and thin, and definitely not obese.

    This is why “Beauty” is the norm south of the border. In Latin American countries most women look great, because they have thin waists and that psychologically mind numbing .7 hip to wast ratio which drives men crazy. And you can find these feminine silhouettes just about everywhere you look in Latin America. Since most women look great, your dating prospects are truly among the best in the world.

    Let’s not forget that apart from their looks, the women of Latin America are some of the most down to earth and sweet women on this planet, but let’s face it, you and me both know that looks do count for something, and these women are top shape… No man can argue with that.

    Any guy, no matter who you are or where your from can and will have success in any Latin American country.

    I challenge you to travel to any Latin American country and see for yourself. As a good friend of mine once said “seeing is believing”.

    Once you see how great and just how “beauty” is the Norm in Latin America, you will see what the rest of the world has to offer for your dating and romantic life. Trust me, there’s a whole world out there waiting to be discovered. A world filled with romantic opportunities, with young women, with thing waists, who take care of themselves and to top it all off, are very very friendly. Ahh yes… That is Latin America, where beauty is the norm for women.