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  • American Women Vs Foreign Women

    Posted on April 16th, 2009 Dan DeLa Cruz 9 comments

    Over the years, through traveling and interaction with foreign women I’ve realized that there are many differences in the way they act, think, and carry themselves. Foreign women aren’t as guarded, they’re more friendly for the most part, are more prone to be family oriented. In this article and video I list some of the differences I’ve noticed about foreign women.


    Is there really a difference between the women of most advanced and economically developed nations (Australia, U.S, Canada, Western Europe – I’ll refer to all of these women as “American women” for the sake of clarity within this article) and those of the developing nations (Latin America, Eastern Europe, South East Asia – I’ll refer to all of these women as “foreign women” throughout this article)? I firmly believe, as many other men do, that there are some deep rooted differences.

    In many respects these foreign women are giving American women a run for their money. Many men are flocking to marriage agencies, international dating sites, and embarking on trips to foreign lands in search of romance with these foreign women. Marriage between foreign women and American men is at an all time high, and growing each year.

    So what makes these foreign women so different from American women?

    #1. Foreign women tend to have more traditional, old fashioned values. The type of values that many American women had back in the early and mid 1900’s. In many ways, these old fashioned values have been lost with American women. Much of this is due to the women’s liberation movement. Although this movement brought about many positive changes for women, it also sacrificed many of the old fashioned, family oriented, values and placed women’s primary focus not on the family, but on their career. Foreign women tend to put their family first, before anything else, even their careers. In a sense many of these foreign women are not unlike the grand mothers and great grand mothers of the current generation of American women.

    #2. Foreign women tend to stay in shape much more then American women. There is no doubt that the wealthiest countries are suffering from an obesity epidemic. Many studies have shown that women more prone to gain weight then men. In the United States for example, women are more more prone to be obese even at young ages. This is not only a health issue, but it robes these women of their feminine curves. Foreign women don’t have this problem. They maintain their feminine curves even into their 30’s and 40’s.

    #3. Foreign women treat men better then American women. One small example is the fact that many foreign women love to cook for their man. It’s not uncommon to find women that love to cook not only for their partner, but for their entire family. Foreign women don’t see these types of acts as burdens, or forms of submissiveness. On the contrary, they see these types of acts as privileges, and it solidifies their roles within the relationship (and family) as a nurturing and caring figure.

    #4. Foreign women are less materialistic. Foreign women who have grown up in less developed countries not fallen prey to the consumer-driven mindset many American women (and men) have been indoctrinated into. They’ve learned to get by on much less. They’ve probably sacrificed material things throughout their life, and they’ve learned to cherish and care for the things that really matter. In this way, foreign women are much easier to please when it comes to materiel wealth. On the other hand, many men find it hard to please American women who have become accustomed to a certain level of material wealth.

    #5. Foreign women love North American, and Western European men. Just as foreign women treat men better then American women. American men treat foreign women better then their local men. Many of these foreign women have to deal with men who don’t appreciate them, cheat on them, and an environment that favors men in many ways. American men are a much welcomed change for foreign women, because they treat them better on many levels. It this sense it’s a match made in heaven because both parties treat each other better then what they are accustomed to.

    #6. Foreign women are more open to dating older men. It’s not that uncommon for foreign women to date much older men within their own culture. My mother was 10 years younger then my father. I’ve known foreign couples where the man was 20 years older then woman. The popular Mexican artist wrote a song title “40 and 20” (40 y 20 by Jose Jose). It was a love song about a 40 year old man who was dating a 20 year old woman, you can find it on youtube.

    With the advent of the Internet, it’s getting much easier for American men to meet and correspond with foreign women. Foreign women have never been more accessible then they are today and for many American men, like myself, they have become the better option. This is not to say there aren’t women in the United States or Western Europe who have all of these qualities. There are many good, old fashioned women, who take care of themselves here as well, but I’ve found that all of the these women are already committed and taken.

    So there you have it. Let me know what you think, I welcome all comments and feedback.


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    9 responses to “American Women Vs Foreign Women” RSS icon

    • Scott Hadley

      I was married to a Russian woman from Almaty, Kazakhstan for 3 years and it was pure hell.
      I was 23 years older and I didn’t take enough time to know her before I married her. She was selfish and cold as ice. Her family didn’t have anything and she would only work and save her own money and expected me to take care of everything(no problem with that but this was over the line). And sexually she was a cold fish. No romance just ‘are you finished’. Biggest waste of my life. Next time I’m going to Barranquilla. Now I hear those women are warm, friendly, sexy and
      will make you feel like a man.


    • Hey Scott,

      Sorry to hear about your tough time with the Russian girl. I do think there are many warm Russian women in Russia. I know many men that travel there and they experience this. Russia also shares many of the same cultural and economic aspects of Latin America that lead me to believe that it is probably one of the best places on earth for guys to meet, date and even marry women. Having said that, no place on this earth is perfect, and you should armed with as much information as possible before you embark to Colombia.

      Knowledge is power, and through this site, I hope to give you all the knowledge you will need to have a successful trip to Colombia and find what your looking for.

    • Dear Dan Just became a member.I was really amazed about you story on Santa Cruz.The women there are really good looking same as Brazil.Been to brazil a couple of times.Just wondering if there are any good marriage matchmakers in SC. Thanks a lot

    • I know a young American man who has married a Ukrainian , and the US government is making it very difficult for her to come over here and live with him. The stuff he tells me about the forms required and how they pry into his private life would discourage anybody. The laws have become somewhat ridiculous in my opinion, but the atmosphere in several western countries now elevates the status of the woman to newfound levels. If they are not movie stars, they often seem to have the same attitude about themselves. They are either so independent they stink , or they are so needy they will do anything for companionship, which is detrimental also. This is just my view, as I see many couples who appear to be very happy also.

    • Well sir, I do believe there is some truth to your article. However, as I am a United States female, I do have some bashing to throw down. More than 1/3 of Americans (your definition of ‘Americans’) are considered obese today (not just over weight). That number is quite a jump from 30 years ago. I must tell you, as a female looking for a partner, men in America are not keeping up their figure for the ladies either. I think women do find it easier to look past the butter ball in front of them and see the goodness that he is offering, as opposed to men, but it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t prefer a guy who cared more about his health and appearence. I agree that family is no longer the focus of most American women, but I feel like I’m between a rock and a hard place. I want a family and I want to be able to take care of a family, which I think we all know involves lots of time and effort. As females are traditionally the ones to stay at home and care for the house and children those would be years that I would not be working or only working part time. This would hender one’s career, which really isn’t a problem until your husband decides that he needs a younger woman after 15 – 20 years of marriage and dumps you on your ass to fend for your self. Yet since I would have spent those 15 – 20 years caring for a family, I would have a much poorer standard of living because my career would be very underdeveloped compaired to my husband’s. My own father did this to my mother after a 25 year marriage. My mother kept a spotless house hold, worked to supplement my dad’s income, and did most of the child rearing. My dad just got a better connection with a chick that was 10 years younger than my mom. My dad is more or less a stand up guy, so he didn’t screw my mom over as bad as he could have, but if she had spent more time on her career instead of caring for him she’d be better off now.
      I also find as an ‘American’ woman that men my age (late 20s) fall very short of provider for a family. I make more money than most of the men I date. This is due to the fact that I put myself though school (no scholarships or help from the parents) while the young men of today seem to be sticking with trade and labor sorts of jobs. No desire for advancement…at least not until they are in their mid 30s. Thus I feel that I would be the bread winner and family care-giver while my husband fiddle farted around with his job and did much of nothing when he gets home to help with chores we are both responsible for. I’ve seen this happen to several of my friends and frankly feel that American men are not stepping up to the plate as far as being a partner in a marriage. If we both have to work then we are both going to have to make time for house hold chores and children.
      As I find men my age so inadequate I do only date older men. My current boyfriend is 20 years older than I, and I love him very much. I feel like we work together to do all house chores, and I also get to contribute to the money WE make. We get quite a bit of flack about our age difference, but it works much better for us.

    • Foreign women are the best spouses than American women who don’t know the values of lifestyles. American women have the favorite words in their mouth ”I am independent and I don’t need nobody or a man” But half of American women are not like. It depends also where they were raised with culture because culture maintains a value os social life. Foreign women can teach their husbands and children their country values because most of American men plan to travel to the spouse homeland and it’s very impressive to discover your spouse country.

    • Schadenfreudian_Slip

      Oh, c’mon…do NOT bring a foreign woman to “America” [actually, the word Dan is looking for is “Occidental”]. Once she learns English well enough to have her obese, misandrist, post-feminist neighbors fill her head with our sick ideology, she will be nothing more than an “American” woman with a funny accent.

      You canNOT remove them from their environments…that’d be really stupid on your part. Get off YOUR azzes and learn THEIR language. Then get out of the tyrannical hell that “America” has become and move either to her country or to one that our Feministas would call “developing.”

    • Jonathan Rigole

      I have never dated a American women, because my relatives in Belgium and my Belgium sister says that 90 percent of American women are crap.

    • i am married to a japanese woman. pretty much everything you said spells it out. they are better looking, they cook, they clean, they give you intimacy pretty much whenever you want it, and here is the part that will make the american BBBs(ball busting bitches) really mad, they enjoy doing all this! the love to please their man. and the reason why they love american men is because they try to help with the cooking, the dishes, the laundry and all the other stuff. they love to make the man they love happy, and in return, us american men love returning that love. so its equal. american women are pretty much the opposite of this, they have a princess complex, a sense of entitlement that isnt even deserved.

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