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  • Obesity: One of the Reasons It’s Harder to Date Attractive Women

    Posted on February 9th, 2010 Dan DeLa Cruz 2 comments

    A large chunk of my first book, The Global Dating Revolution, revolves around explaining the differences between different dating environments around the world. The truth is dating environments in various regions around the world differ for many reasons. Some reasons are economic, some are cultural, some are demographic, I get in the nitty gritty of all of this in my book. I call these negative environmental differences (from a man’s point of view), handicaps or sometimes “whammies.” If you can think of a better name for them please let me know!

    One of the most frightening handicaps in the United States and other wealthy regions of the world is the obesity problem. The following excerpt is taken from page 72 of The Global Dating Revolution:

    Have you ever entered a local bar or nightclub recently only to realize that an overwhelming majority of the women are out of shape? Have you noticed that the good-looking girls are usually accompanied by three or four friends who are out of shape? When you ask your wing men to do the honors, do they all seem to want the same one you want?

    The obesity problem in the United States, which is evident in nightclubs, malls, parks, hospitals, churches— everywhere you go—has two effects on the Western dating scene, both negative. First, it decreases the numbers of attractive women. Second, it boosts the egos of the fewer women who do look good, because it puts them in such high demand! It’s simply supply and demand. As the number of sexy, curvy women diminishes, due to obesity and weight gain, the women that do keep in shape become more sought out and are given much more attention.

    If we look at the above image we see what a normal environment would look like. Although there are no environments on this planet where 100% of the women are in decent shape, we see that when there are more in shape women, the attention of the men is evenly distributed among all the women. But what happens when Weight gain and Obesity takes over?

    According to the CDCs latest statistics, approximately 70% of the U.S. population is overweight and almost 40% of women are Obese. Using the governments own numbers, most of which are probably understated, look at the image on the next page to see the effects one ONE handicap, obesity, has on the dating environment.

    Based on the current obesity and weight gain numbers only about 30% of the women in the United States are in shape. Not counting any other handicaps, this would mean that these 30% of the women receive the attention of 100% of the men. Now a girl that may only have had 3 guys after her, now has 10 guys asking her out on a date.

    Because these in-shape women are so sought after, through no fault of their own they grow what’s known as a “bitch shield.” An attitude to fend off a good number of men that will approach her. In response to this, men have to learn “game,” or stand out in some other way, in order to catch the attention of these very few attractive women.

    As you can see out of the ten guys seeking out the three attractive women, only three guys will succeed and the other 7 will have to settle for something else or stay single. Considering this is only one handicap, you can see how things can ugly when we start to add more layers to this sour tasting cake.

    As the chapter continues I go onto explain some of the other effects obesity has on your dating environment. Keep in mind this is only one of the many handicaps that you might be facing in your local dating environment. Of course there will always be some men that can overcome all the handicaps and date many attractive women, but not everyone can be Michael Jordan.

    But in places like Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Ukraine, Russia and others, obesity and other handicaps aren’t as big of an issue or present at all. These are the REAL reasons why the dating environment in many foreign countries is actually skewed towards the men, instead of towards the women, like it is in most places in the USA.

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    2 responses to “Obesity: One of the Reasons It’s Harder to Date Attractive Women” RSS icon

    • Your article is extremely biased. You seem to forget the large number of obese MEN that exist as well. You obviously are one of them – the men who think that no matter what they look like, they are “entitled” to date a “hot” woman. Well, grow up and get YOURSELF in shape before you start to complain about others.

    • Typical fat Yankee girl rant. One the issue is there are more fat young women than men in the US. Fat girls w/princess syndrome and no homemaking skills in the US expecting tall athletic men with good salaries … what a joke. Just say no and go foreign … why would a man in the US get married and risk the ticking lard a$$ American woman time bomb? All the ones that are decent are from small town America and already married. Just Say No!

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