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  • Ten Ways To Avoid Stomach Problems And Diarrhea When Traveling

    Posted on November 2nd, 2009 Dan DeLa Cruz No comments

    When you’re traveling abroad if your not careful you could end up with stomach problems, travelers diarrhea, a stomach virus or worse. In order to avoid these common problem it’s important to know where to eat, what to eat, and what to drink. Here are the best tips you’ll find so you can keep your stomach safe and enjoy your trip without running into stomach problems:

    #1. Eat at places that have a lot of clientele. Always eat at the busiest restaurant or place you can find. A busy restaurant is a good sign of good food and satisfied clients. The fact that other people are eating there in great numbers says something great about the food, and service. But there’s more to this approach then just this. A busy restaurant also means that the food is fresh. Busy places are making money, and they don’t need to save yesterday’s unsold food for tomorrows clients, as some of the emptier places may do. Always eat at the busiest locale, and if the place is empty definitely avoid it.

    #2. Make sure your food is cooked properly. Get everything well done. You might like your steak rare, but why take the chance? Make sure you get all your meats cooked well. Try avoiding uncooked foods. Extra caution should be taken with shellfish and some sea foods.

    #3. Wash your hands. Make sure you wash your hands every time before you eat. It might be a good idea for you to carry around a small pocket size hand sanitizer and keep it in your pocket.

    #4. Don’t eat already peeled fruits and vegetables. This one is self explanatory.

    #5. Drink bottled water, and don’t drink tap water. In some countries you can drink the tap water, but make sure you boil it before you drink it.

    #6. Watch out for the ice. Ice is usually made from the tap water so if you want a cold drink put your drink on ice, but don’t put ice in your drink.

    #7. Don’t eat at street vendors and food carts. I generally advise not to eat at vendors who stand out in the middle of the streets. Sometimes you might be starving after a night out and you might want to try some shish kabobs from a local vendor, I’ve done this myself, but I make sure I don’t do it often, and that I get my food very well done. Also remember tip #1. If you’re going to eat at one of these street vendors, eat the busiest one.

    #8. If it tastes funny, don’t eat it. When your traveling food will taste different, but sometimes there’s something your taste buds tell you about the food. When in doubt listen to your gut. If it tastes too funny, trust your gut and don’t eat it. If you want to be nice about it, just tell the staff to wrap it up to go, and dump the food when you leave.

    #9. Boost your immune system. Make sure your helping your immune system by taking a multi-vitamin, vitamin E, vitamin C, and Zinc. Regular exercise and adequate sleep also helps boost your immune system.

    #10. Avoid eating when drunk. If you’ve had a lot to drink try to avoid eating. When you’re drunk sometimes you might not care where you eat, or what you eat, you’ll probably also forget tips 1-9 and you might not even be able to tell if the food is good or not. This is a sure fire way to stumble your way into some food that can get you sick.

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