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  • Top Ten Ways To Live, Work, And Travel Abroad

    Posted on October 26th, 2009 Dan DeLa Cruz 3 comments

    Travel The WorldA lot of people gawk at the thought of traveling oversees to meet foreign women, or simply just to take in new experiences, cultures, food, music and life. For some people traveling seems something far and distant, too much of a hassle, and sometimes too expensive. So how can you make traveling easy and natural, maybe even part of your life? I’ve made a list of some of the top ways you can travel, and even live and work abroad.

    Work remotely from home
    With technology these days it’s very possible for many people to start working remotely either for their current employer or by providing their own professional services from home. Once you take things remote, you can easily then travel to any place that has an Internet connection and bring along your laptop to work from the road. This is by far one of the best ways to travel extensively, and make money at the same time. Take a quick peek at websites like or just to see what type of services are being offered by remote workers from all over the world, as well as from all over the U.S.

    Get a job on a cruise ship
    Cruise ships are great ways to travel and make some money at the same time. Cruise ships usually hire people for 3-6 month stints, so you get a nice amount of vacation time after you do your time on the ship. Food and lodging will be free and you’ll get a salary. You also get to explore different places when the ship docs at various locations.

    Get an oversees job
    Multinational companies often offer jobs oversees for qualified individuals. There are various websites like and where you can search for opportunities to work abroad.

    Get a job that involves a lot of traveling
    A job that includes a lot of travel could offer your opportunities to stay abroad for decent periods of time. Jobs within marketing or product divisions of companies looking to expand into Latin America or the other pro-male regions are good places to look. Jobs within the hotel industry or tourism industry are also great places to find jobs that let you travel.

    Get transferred
    If you already work for a multi-national, look for opportunities to get transferred abroad within the company. Look within your company website to see what opportunities might be available abroad.

    Do a semester abroad
    If your still in college I would suggest doing a semester or preferably two semesters abroad. You can even study in countries like Brazil. I wish I had known this when I was in school!

    There are various websites on the Internet that offer you the opportunity to travel while volunteering. Cross Cultural Solutions is just one of these websites, but there are many others. Just do a good search for “volunteer abroad” + “the country or region you are most interested in”. These are great ways to give back and contribute to society as well as get some travel experience. Another benefit of many of these programs is that they pay for everything.

    Take a vacation
    Save up vacation time, sick days, and personal days and pile them up together to take a long vacation abroad. I always recommend at least two weeks as the minimum stay. But three to four weeks would be best if you can swing it.

    Get a job in the military
    The military might be another way to consider traveling abroad, BUT I’m not sure of how one would go about being stationed in Colombia as opposed to Iraq or Afghanistan! I do always meet veterans and guys who have been in the military who start to travel while they do their service and then end up moving abroad, or traveling extensively after they leave the military.

    Take a sabbatical
    If you’ve worked somewhere long enough, chances are you may have the option to take a sabbatical. Look within your companies policies and see if they have any policies for sabbaticals. A sabbatical usually involves you taking time off from work (sometimes even with pay, or at least a percentage of your pay) for up to six months to a year. If your company doesn’t define any policies for sabbaticals then you may have to inquire with your managers or human resources.

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    • Funny you mention Colombia. The U.S. is increasing it’s military pressence there by 1400 personnel.

    • You can teach English as a second language

      You can also live with a local family and learn the local language

    • I am a college graduate(Bachelor of Engineering in Agricultural Engineering) with a certificate in business management. I am very keen about relocating to USA OR Canada can marry a woman/girl to facilitate the process should there be need for that and is ready to work to pay the person where necessary. Currently working as a college instructor. How do I go about it? Connect me please.

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